Islamic Audio Device Special

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Islamic Audio Device by Mommyhana.


Islamic Audio Device Omar Hana Special!

Mind therapy (soothing sound) with best Al-Quran recitation by Ustaz Muzammil Hasballah and wonderful Zikir songs by MommyHana . Also include with White Noise, Mozart, Lullaby and Omar&Hana songs.

Age : Suitable for all,  kids ages including new born.

Specifications :
Weight : 0.5 kg

ON je #quranzikir nie seisi keluarga dapat manfaat.

Siapa yg memerlukan IAD ?

🌸Ibu Mengandung
🌸Bayi dan anak kecil yg sukar untuk tidur
🌸Ibu Ayah yg sukakan ketenangan
🌸Ibu Ayah yg suka mendengar alunan ayat2 surah Al-quran
🌸Ibu Ayah dan Anak2 yg mahu menghafaz ayat2 Al-quran
🌸Anak2 kecil yg sukakan lagu OmarHana

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